Cake Walk!

April 5th, 2020 is the deadline for you to win an original oil painting for just $20!

One month, one drawing, winner receives a 10″x10″ cake painting of their choice. I am painting like crazy to assure you a minimum of 3 cakes and up to 5 from which to choose.

Cake Walk suggested donations: $20 for one chance, $40 for two, or $50 for three. Enter via Paypal below. Check or cash work, too. Tic, toc! Don’t miss your chance, enter now!


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Why Cakes?

Last year at the state fair, I stood spellbound before the floor to ceiling case full of cakes, each with a slice removed for the judges sampling. As I stood there, two things happened.

First, I noticed my throat tightening and my eyes stinging. I thought of all those moms, aunts, grandmas, girls, (I did not see a single man’s name) who had gathered in kitchens to make cakes. For me, growing up on a dairy farm, baking was a part of life. I learned from my mom who learned from hers, who learned from hers. And, as a 4-H member, I entered baked goods in our town’s fair. My thoughts turned to my own mom, my aunts, our neighbors, all those years of baking, all that community, and now so much of that is gone.

The second thing that hit me was the changes in color, shadow, highlight, hue depending on position, lighting, etc. I got home and set upon an exploration of cakes, community, color and light. All of the cakes that I am painting are imagined – it would be much easier to work at reproducing a photograph, but that isn’t what I am after.