About the Art



These works are a celebration of early childhood, a time of wonderment, unbridled imagination, an unshakable sense of self, and an immediate and pure connection with our world – qualities that, all too often, fade deep into the background as we become adults qualities that lie dormant within us, bubbling up as longings we can’t name.


My Rooftops series were inspired by the magnificent cities of Europe. As a shoe-string traveler, I often occupy accommodations located on the uppermost floors reached only after climbing, long, looping staircases. Here, I am afforded a bird’s eye view of the rooftops. I am always fascinated by the whimsical chimneys, myriad portals and sculptures of roosters perched where few would ever see them. I imagine traveling down those chimneys, or peering through those portals to witness the lives lived just beyond.

Roosters, and Horses and Cows (oh, my!)

On our family dairy farm, every day of my life was intertwined with the lives of the animals. I came to know them well. I realized that animals have as many variances in personality and disposition as any human; cranky, mischievousness, silly, kind-hearted and regal, to name a few.