Prague and Paris are the main inspirations for my Rooftops series. Their rooftops fascinate me; myriad chimneys often with unusual tops, odd-shaped portals high up in the roof line, roosters perched where few would ever see them. It gets me to wondering about the lives being lived just beyond.

Sizes below, contact Laura for more information.

1. Rooftops VIII
Oil on Panel – 24″ x 24″ – SOLD

2. Rooftops VII
Oil on Panel – 36″ x 48″ – SOLD

4. Rooftops I
Oil on Canvas 15″ x 30″

4. Rooftops V
Oil on Canvas 15″ x 30″ – SOLD

5. Rooftops VI
Oil on Canvas 48″ x 24″ – SOLD

6. Rooftops IV
Oil on Canvas 8″ x 24″