These works are a celebration of early childhood, a time of wonderment, unbridled imagination, an unshakable sense of self, and an immediate and pure connection with our world – qualities that, all too often, fade deep into the background as we become adults qualities that lie dormant within us, bubbling up as longings we can’t name.

Images sizes below, contact Laura for more information.

1. Cowgirl Crocodile
Oil on Panel – 24″x30″ – SOLD

2. Cowgirl Champ
Oil on Panel – 24″x30″ – SOLD

3. Cowgirl Tree
Oil on Panel – 30″x24″

4. Cowgirl Rowboat
Oil on Panel – 30″x30″ – SOLD

5. Cowgirl Kite
Oil on Panel – 12″x48″

6. Cowgirl Flight
Oil on Panel – 48″x48″

7. Cowgirl Cafe
Oil on Panel – 48″x12″