On our family dairy farm, every day of my life was intertwined with the lives of the animals. I came to know them well. And, I learned that animals have as many variances in personality and disposition as any human – cranky, mischievousness, silly, kind-hearted, and regal to name a few.

Images sizes below, contact Laura for more information.

1. Holiday Cow
Oil on Panel –  20″x24″ – SOLD

2. Spring Wind
Oil on Panel –  35″x16″ – SOLD

3. Rooster I
Oil on Canvas –  24″x12″

4. Atillio’s Pumpkin
Acrylic on Canvas –  30″x30″ – SOLD

5. Rooster VII
Oil on Canvas –  12″x24″

6. Fallen Apples
Oil on Panel –  20″x8″

7. Rooster VI
Oil on Canvas –  12″x24″

8. Flossie
Oil on Canvas –  8″x8″

9. Night Breeze
Oil on Panel –  8″x8″

10. RUN!
Oil on Panel – 24″x48″

11. Rooster III
Oil on Canvas –  24″x12″

12. Laughing Cow
Oil on Canvas –  16″x20″

13. Big Red
Oil on Panel –  24″x30″

14. Rooster II
Oil on Canvas –  24″x12″

15. Bluster
Oil on Panel –  24″x12″ – SOLD

16. Sun Salutation
Oil on Panel –  20″x12″ – SOLD

17. Borealis Cow
Oil on Panel –  16″x20″